The Father

In 2016 I had the pleasure of working with Scott Bennett. He was my manager and quickly became a mentor and someone for me to look up to. One morning, we went into a team meeting and Scott wasn’t there. We had no idea why Scott had not turned up to work and later found out he was in hospital after having had a seizure in the shower. After numerous tests, Scott was later diagnosed with brain cancer. In true Scott style, he got on and lived his life with his beautiful wife Jess and their 2 kids, Henry and Sadie. Scott wanted to tell his story so we organised to record an episode of The Aftershock Podcast together in September last year. Devastatingly, Scott’s health took a turn and he passed away before we got the chance to record. In this episode of The Aftershock Podcast, we speak to Scott’s wife Jess. Jess shares with us Scott’s incredible story, his approach to his diagnosis and how they handled the conversation with their 2 young kids.