The Why

So, what’s The Aftershock?

Think of cancer and the usual suspects spring to mind.

Breast. Prostate. Lung. Melanoma. Bowel.  There they stand – chests out – in all their hideous glory, like guilty suspects at a police line up.

Then there are those cancers that prowl in the shadows.

They wait patiently. Silently. They don’t strike as often, but when they do, they destroy everything in their path.

At The Aftershock our purpose is to lure these cancers out of the darkness and into the hot, burning glow of the spotlight.

What are these cancers?

We’re talking the likes of mesothelioma, oesophageal and medullary cancer of the thyroid.  Haven’t heard of them? You’re not alone.

These are high mortality rate cancers i.e. they kill quicker than others.

Why? Because they aren’t as common. And because they aren’t as common, they don’t get as much research or funding.

50,000 Aussies a year will be diagnosed with these types of cancers. Of that 50,000, half won’t make it home from their hospital bed.

There is a proven correlation between cancer funding and survival rate. They go together gloriously. Seamlessly. Like dumplings and chilli oil.

And that’s where we go to work.

We want these cancers defeated. Vanquished.  If awareness is our leading punch, funding is the following uppercut.

Sounds terrific – how do you go about doing that?

The Aftershock launched in the Spring of 2017.

On Sunday February 18 2018 we held our inaugural ‘Teresa’s Trotters’ – a 6km walk around The Tan in Melbourne which saw more than 200 walkers help raise $15,400.

The purpose of the event was two-fold; a) to raise heaps of $$$; b) to show how lucky we are to be able to walk that distance.

It’s easy to forget many thousands of people in their hospital beds would love to do the same. Teresa’s Trotters continues to grow each year, even as we adapt to COVID times!

The next event was ‘Tidy’s Tour’. In 2018, our resident peddler Chris set out to ride from Perth to Melbourne in three weeks. That’s only 21 days.

And he did it. Amazingly. And with ice packs on his thighs and Epsom salt at his feet, he raised $40,000. Since then, we’ve opened up Tidy’s Tour to anyone and everyone who would like to participate. We know riding your bike 3,500 kms isn’t for everyone, so we’ve turned it into a 1 day event. Stay tuned for Tidy’s Tour 2021, where we evolve the event even further!

What’s the deal with the funding?

Oh, good question (thanks for asking).

We want to make a dent instead of a scratch. Instead of sprinkling the funds over multiple cancers, we want to hit them where they hurt – one by one.

First up; thyroid.

In 2017 we teamed up with James – aka thyroid cancer assassin – and invested $100,000 into a specialised research project.

Our $100,000 was matched by various medical bodies, almost tripling the investment.

Truth be told we were pretty chuffed. But we aren’t stopping there.

Next up; glioblastoma. Glioblastoma is an aggressive form of cancer that occurs in the brain or spinal cord with a devastating survival rate. We hope to improve the management of brain tumours by giving surgeons and oncologist better tools to predict a patient’s clinical course, as well as to identify if current treatment is working or not.

After that? We are VERY excited about our third research project we have secured funding to support, which we will be announcing very soon!

How did The Aftershock come to be?

The Aftershock is inspired by my beautiful mum Teresa Neate who was diagnosed with a rare form of thyroid cancer (medullary cancer of the thyroid) in December 2014 which spread to her spine, resulting in paralysis.

Through an extensive rehab program Teresa defied the odds and learnt to walk again, only to have the cancer return on her spine placing her back in hospital.

Devastatingly, Teresa did not come home from hospital and passed away in September 2016.

She’s the heart of The Aftershock. Everything we do – every dollar we raise, every event we plan – is done so with her in mind.

Suz – Founder & CEO