Teresa’s Trotters 2022

The 18th of February is a special day for The Aftershock, as we celebrate what would have been Teresa’s 65th birthday. The inspiration behind The Aftershock, Teresa walked 6 kilometres every day before being paralysed by a spinal tumour.

‘Teresa’s Trotters’ is our annual 6 km walk around The Tan in Melbourne. Traditionally, this colourful event is held on a Sunday in February.

Last year, we changed things up a little bit to accommodate COVID. However, in 2022, restrictions permitting, we’d love to bring everyone back to the one location – this time, at Princes Park in Melbourne!

If you cannot attend the Melbourne event and still eager to take part in Teresa’s Trotters, we would love you to! Simply select the virtual ticketing option and trot your 6 km’s wherever you are in the world.

We would love you to join us to help us raise funds, and awareness, for high mortality rate cancers.

  • Purchase one of our tickets to Teresa’s Trotters – Princes Park with us on Sunday, 27th February OR
  • Purchase a ticket to ‘Walk Your Block For The Aftershock’, no matter where you are in the world!
  • Get a group of friends together.
  • Wear your Aftershock tees.*
  • Send us a pic and story from your picturesque location.
  • Some awesome prizes are up for grabs, including our new Aftershock caps.

All proceeds raised will be going straight to high mortality rate cancer research. You can read more about our research here.

*Tees can be purchased here.

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