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The Exhibition

In 2018, we received an email from Photographer Kim Landy. She expressed her interest in The Aftershock, having seen the activity we were doing around Tidy’s Tour. This was an exciting moment for us, as we were so pleased one of our campaigns had caught the attention of someone without a personal link to The Aftershock.

Over a coffee with Kim, we realised we really wanted to convey to everyone the full impact of a cancer diagnosis, the aftershock, how the ripple effect reverberates into so many lives. We then came up with the idea of documenting the lives of 16 different cancer stories and bringing them to life through an Exhibition.

Why 16? Because we focus on 16 different high mortality rate cancers, and whilst we can’t (yet) help fund a research project for every single one of those cancers, we can certainly raise awareness about them. A couple of Kim’s videographer friends from Cheer Squad heard what she was getting involved in and generously decided to donate their time and create a short film for us.

So we got to work documenting various stories of those affected by cancer. We wanted our audience to think about the patients, family members, researchers, surgeons and nurses. You don’t need a bald head and scars to look unwell. You can look really well, and still have a damaged body. You can look great and still have 10 tumours inside of you. Some bodies don’t show us the impact of cancer and we wanted our Exhibition to show that cancer doesn’t look just one way.

160 people joined us on Saturday October 26th 2019 where we premiered our film and photos. It was an overwhelming night that exceeded expectations, raising over $22,000. We can’t thank our sponsors for the evening enough for helping us put on an incredible event. A massive thank you to Kim Landy, Jared Kettle and Jacob Williams for their brilliantly creative minds. And the biggest thank you goes to our participants for allowing themselves to be vulnerable with us and show the impact cancer has had on them.


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